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Exterior doors

Our craftsmen have several generations of knowledge and a feeling for the wood raw material in their hands. Since 1959, we have placed great value on the genuine and long-term sustainable, on authenticity and traditional craftsmanship. Therefore, today we can proudly deliver solid, high-quality exterior doors that live up to the very latest technological expectations.

The front door is the icing on the cake

An exterior door can gallantly harmonize with the overall look of your house or stand out cockily and be its own. You choose. With a deep knowledge and feeling for materials, color and shape, we are more than happy to guide you through our wide range of exterior doors.

Should you buy or replace your exterior door?

We have many different variants of exterior doors. 

Our front doors are divided into three different series, Trend, Tradition and Timeless. Click on the respective category to see the exterior doors.

Ytterdörr Plintsberg Serie Trend

Exterior doors Trend series

Our front doors in the Trend series have an expression that is adapted to the new architecture, while at the same time it sets the path for the future. Despite its simplicity, the design language takes it for granted and shows off its independence with design, colors and materials.

Ytterdörr Hedby Seria Tidlös

Front doors Tidlös series

Our front doors in the Tidlös series do not take up space, nor are they intended to. It's just there, like a reliable proven love. The beautiful groove milled doors have a neutral and obvious appearance that is created to match classic Swedish architecture.

Ytterdörr Edshult Serie Tradition

Front doors Tradition series

Our front doors in the Tradition series are based on design and style ideals that were founded several hundred years ago. The use of beams, mirrors and decorative moldings was the way of the time to create beautiful entrances and everything was imbued with the joy of craftsmanship and great skill.

Choosen front doors

Kullsbjörken glas
Sjösala glas

Choosen Pair doors

Brenäs glas

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