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Ytterdörr Pardörr med sidoljus
Innerdörr från Leksandsdörren
Grön Ytterdörr med glas

Exterior doors, interior doors, pair doors och garage doors

We have one of the market's widest ranges of exterior doors, pair doors, garage doors, sidelights and toplights. An exterior door from Leksandsdörren is a Swedish-made door with high quality, manufactured through solid craftsmanship in combination with modern technology. A good front door should keep out cold, heat and moisture, but at the same time invite you in with its beauty and design.


We manufacture massive interior doors with great possibilities to fit in both traditional and modern styles. Manufactured in Dalarna through modern technology and craftsmanship, we create high-quality interior doors with beautiful designs that last over time.


Curious how we have this at Leksandsdörren?
Watch a short presentation here.

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